Campaign Consultant

I have over 14 years Environmental Campaign experience, having managed various campaigns, large and small.

As a result, I have built up an extensive network of contacts within both government and the private sector.  I offer a wide variety of experience having worked on campaigns in the fuel industry, retail, general development and specialist projects in water and wetland conservation.

I oversee all aspects of the campaign including day-to-day operations, the hiring and management of staff, the coordination and implementation of the fundraising operations (if necessary) and ongoing coordination with the client. I am responsible for creating and managing the campaign budget.

My campaigns propose a pathway to victory, driven by the understanding of who your target market is, the expertise required for each project and the various project layers required that will help the client reach their intended goal.

Services I Offer

Environmental Law

South Africa has some of the best environmental legislation in the world, however, the problem arises with the interpretation and enforcement of that legislation. Doing business in South Africa means you need to be well acquainted and compliant…

Fraud and Forensic Investigation

Many facets of South Africa have sadly become synonymous with fraud and corruption, and the environmental sector has unfortunately not escaped this pervasive and destructive crime, in fact it has almost become a normal part..

Sustainability Consulting

There is this incorrect perception by developers that any form of sustainable development that has as it’s core the protection of the environment during and after construction is excessively expensive and unprofitable. This could…

Public Participation

I specialise in conducting public participation, which is a legally required component of any environmental application process.
It is, in so many cases, the one part of the process that’s neglected, for a number of reasons. Including but not limited to : lack…